Trucks and Buses

There are a multitude of causes of downtime for Commercial vehicles from poor maintenance to Driver apathy and even abuse. Whatever the cause the result is always loss of profit, customer dissatisfaction and frustration for all.

The Little Black Box can help to minimise the cost of  breakdowns by alerting the Driver to problems before they result in major repair expenses and if alerts are ignored the EMS can override the Drivers actions and automatically switch off the engine.

Engine monitoring:-                                                                 Over Temperature ( Gauge or Metal temp monitoring )
Low oil pressure ( Standard or optional sensors )
Loss of coolant  ( Header Tank or Radiator sensors )

Charging System:-
Low Battery / Charge indication
Broken Fan belt warning

Speed control:- ( You decide the speed )
Over speed warning
Speed limiting

Automatic engine cut-off:-
30 second  intuitive audible warning.
10 second restart for obstruction clearance of vehicle.
Automatic illumination of Hazard lights

Fail Safe circuits:-
Automatic power-on functions testing
Alarms for sensor or wiring failures

Forklifts and Plant Equipment

In addition to the features for Commercial Trucks and Buses the EMS IV can be tailored for the unique demands of Forklifts and all types of Plant equipment.

Features such as immediate engine shut down in the event of oil pressure failure and/or engine shutdown in the event of fan belt failure, most functions are software controlled.

These types of vehicles would normally be fitted with a cylinder head metal temperature sensor for more accurate engine cut-off setting.