Little Black Box

Product Catalogue


Engine Monitoring System

    • Flashing Alarm LED’s with buzzer
    • Over Temperature alarm
    • Low Oil Pressure alarm
    • Low water alarm
    • Alternator fail Alarm (broken Fan Belt)
    • Battery / Alternator voltage indicator
    • Delay output (30 sec) for auto engine shut-off.
    • 12 or 24 volt
    • Fully encapsulated for reliability
    • Microprocessor controller
    • Power on self test

Mini Header Tank

For vehicles that only have an expansion tank the Mini Header Tank can be installed in-line with the Heater system to monitor rapid water loss.

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Air bleed screw valve
  • Accepts external mount water level Float switch
  • 15mm “T” joint for coupling to Heater system

Water Level Float Switch

  • For Installation into header tank to monitor water level
  • Rugged construction high temperature polypropylene
  • Internal or External mounting

Calibration Tool

For quick and easy setting of the EMS unit. Drive the temperature gauge to the required reading and set the EMS alarm.

  • Rugged plastic enclosure
  • 0.5 meter leads with clips
  • Wide adjustment range for most gauges.


EMS with Speed Control

Lower Fuel Bills

Lower Maintenance costs

Fewer accidents

Speed Control


All the features of EMS plus more with the added benefits of speed control for Diesel engines

    • • Microprocessor control
    • • Flashing Alarm light with audible alarms
    • • Fail safe circuits – Temp Oil & Water
    • • Over Temperature alarm
    • • Low Oil Pressure alarm
    • • Low water alarm (optional)
    • • Battery / Alternator alarm & indicator
    • • Delay output (30 sec) for auto engine shut-off
    • • 12 or 24 volt

Pulse Generator

Connect inline with Speedo

Fuel Solenoid

Connect into fuel line

Turbo Timer

Connect into the Ignition wiring for delayed engine shutdown, allows the Turbo to slow down before oil pressure drops.• 1 or 2 minute engine shut down delay.• Fully encapsulated for reliability.• Emergency override switch for immediate switch off.• Ignition ON - LED indicator.

Sensors and Switches

  • Wide range of switches and Sensors for Automotive use
  • Oil Gauge and Oil Light combination
  • Oil Switch – close on rising or falling pressure
  • “T” piece unions for various applications

Temperature Sensors

  • Temperature sensor and adaptor for Air Cooled engines
  • Block or Head metal temperature checking
  • M8 and M10 adaptors